November month dedicated to the Holy Souls

All Saints and all Holy Souls

"November begins with two beautiful days

the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Holy Mother Church remembers all of her children, to whom she has given the life of Jesus  through Baptism ...We all know that during this whole month we give them extra love and care, by praying to them and for them."

St. Teresa of Calcutta


♦“Holiness is not the luxury of the few. It is a simple duty for you and for me.’’ -Mother Teresa addressed employees of the Knights of Columbus during her visit to the Supreme Council in New Haven


♦Company of saints helps us conquer all fear and tribulation

♦  All of Humanity Called to be Saints

♦Holiness is not a Luxury

♦Saints, follow Jesus


♦The Importance of Praying for the Dead

♦A Catechesis on Purgatory

♦Intercession for the dead

♦How can we help the souls in purgatory?

♦To pray in order to gain the indulgence


♦What is an Indulgence

♦Norms on Indulgences





from the 31 May to the 7 of June


♦Mother Teresa and the Sacred Heart - Audio

♦Mother Teresa - "Consecrate Families through the Sacred Heart of Jesus"

♦Mother Teresa's Comments on Enthronement & It's Effects on the Family

♦Litany to the Sacred Heart

♦Quotes of Mother Teresa on the Sacred Heart

♦The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart - Annual Day of Prayer for Priests 8 of June

♦Acts of Consecration to the Sacred Heart


♦The Pope pointed to Mother Teresa as an example of a consecrated women who always spent time with the Lord in prayer, despite the many problems and challenges she faced.


♦May, month of Our Lady

The Month of May is the month of Mary, a time to ponder a little on her place in our lives.

♦St Teresa of Calcutta

Ways to Celebrate Mary's Month:

♦Consecration and Entrustment to Mary

♦Litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary

♦Akathist Hymn to the Most Holy Mother of God (the Theotokos)

♦The Holy Rosary

♦The Regina Coeli

♦Through Easter with St Teresa of Calcutta

♦Novena to the Holy Spirit

♦Fruits of Holy Spirit


♦Pray the Holy Rosary with Mother Teresa

♦Through Easter with St Teresa of Calcutta


♦ Divine Mercy

♦The Divine Mercy Novena

The Feast of Mercy

The Image of the Divine Mercy

♦ Feast day of the Annunciation

♦ "Life, the most beautiful gift of God. " -The presence of God


♦ Letter from Sr. M. Prema, MC

to Co-workers, Sick and Suffering Co-workers,

Lay MC and Volunteers


♦Through Lent with St Teresa of Calcutta

"Lent is time of greater love..."


♦ Message for Lent of P. Francis

“Because of the increase of iniquity,

the love of many will grow cold”

(Mt 24:12)


♦Scripture readings for every day of Lent

♦Stations of the Cross that Saint Teresa prayed almost every day


♦Prayer for Christian Unity Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power (Ex 15:6)

NEW YEAR with  St. Teresa of Calcutta

♦ CHRISTMAS with  St. Teresa of Calcutta

♦Through ADVENT with St. Teresa of Calcutta


 ♦The Great O Antiphons:

♦During this Advent, with Mary, let us “form” Jesus within us












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