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  Letter from the Superior General

of the Missionaries of Charity Sisters

to Co-workers, Sick and Suffering Co-workers,

Lay MC and Volunteers


Sr. M. Prema, MC







♦2020 Christmas





































Motherhouse Calcutta

Christmas 2020




My dear Co-Workers, Active, Sick & Suffering, Lay Missionaries of Charity, I Thirst Movement members, Volunteers,

I wish




















Please, pray for me.


God bless you

Sr. M. Prema M. C.
























Motherhouse Calcutta

13 July 2020



My dear Co-Workers, Active, Sick & Suffering,

Lay Missionaries of Charity,

I Thirst Movement Members,



Let us praise and thank God for the many opportunities He gives us during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic to deepen our faith and trust in God’s providential love for us, our dear ones and our poor.


 “God did not come to do away with suffering. He did not even come to explain it. He came to fill it with His Presence. He came to share in it.” – Paul Claudel –


 In all our pain, sorrow and confusion Jesus is with us and He lives His Passion in us. Suffering has come upon humanity, which touches us to the core of our existence. The image of the “Tower of Babel” comes to mind. Our greed and pride have reached so high, that we even deny God‘s sovereignty over His creatures and over life. We dare to act against the natural law.


 “The Lord requires of you to do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.” – Mic. 6:8 –


 Spiritual combat is first of all a war against the evil that is within us. The “lockdown” situation has made our activism to slow down and it provides us with the necessary time to examine and to discern by what motives, intentions and values do we personally conduct our daily lives.


 God gives us this time to mend broken relationships not by clarifying, but by forgiving, by concern for the sorrows our offender carries in his/her heart. How much God will bless the pain we take to reconcile with one another. Sincere prayer will soften our hearts and open them, allowing us to show our forgiveness by extending small acts of delicate thoughtfulness freely to the one who hurts us.


 I believe that God sends these chances to suffer injustice in order to teach us gentleness and humility. Our Mother wanted to become a saint according to the Heart of Jesus: meek and humble. With God’s grace we are able to take the misery of the other person into our own hearts and to confidently cry out to God for His mercy, for now his/her misery has become our own misery. We will experience the blessedness, which is deep interior joy promised to the peacemakers who are called God’s children. At the same time in the combat against the evil of pride and anger within us we have gained a great victory.


 God has called us to bring hope into our troubled world at the brink of despair.


 How it hurts not to be able to remain physically close to the dying due to Covid-19. In the hospitals they are left alone to face the anguish of death, deprived of every consolation and afflicted in body and soul. The restrictions on participation in the celebration of Holy Mass has brought a famine of the Eucharistic Bread upon humanity. When we receive Holy Communion we will implore Jesus that all the graces He thirsts to give may flow abundantly into us, into the souls of those who make spiritual communions and into the souls of the dying.


 I thank you for your prayers and concern for the sisters and our poor. I entrust you and your dear ones to the powerful protection of Our Lady, Mother of mercy and Mother of hope, and to the intercession of our Mother.


 Please, pray for me.


God bless you





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