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 Letter from the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity Sisters

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2020 Advent and Christmas










Nagasaki, Japan. Peace. I am now 62 years old. Le me share my story. It was 13 years ago that I encountered a book of Mother for the first time. As I entered the bookstore, I went in front of the shelf where Mother’s books were as if I was led by someone. The title of the little book I took in my hands was ‘Words of Mother Teresa, a gift from God’. This book gave me an opportunity to think back on my own being, the way of thinking, living, accepting things, the condition of my heart and the attitude of listening to others. If I had no chance to read this book, I could have become mentally sick. I started to have a desire in my heart to go to Kolkata. In those days I wrote a letter to the MC Sisters in Tokyo asking, “Let me also do something. Could you send to India the pouches that I knit?” The reply I received was, “We cannot send to India, but please, send us a sample.” From then on, I am sending once a year to the sisters ecological scrubbing sponges (for dish washing) which I knit.


In the year 2019, from 1st of May till 8th of May, I finally got to go to Kolkata. By doing voluntary work in Kalighat, I could feel in my heart the love of Mother. Having received so many graces in India, I thought I would like to do something more. So, from September of the same year, I started to clean the garden of my parish for two months and planted flower seeds for the next spring. I was alone but I never felt it tiring or hard. Rather, I could do the work by feeling that my heart is being filled, because I wanted to plant flowers in front of the house of God.


Then in November 2019, I got a call from a sister from another congregation “We are lacking in number of the nurses. Could you come?” From April 2020, I started to work in the home where many old sisters are residing. I am grateful for having been able to draw closer to the sisters- there are 14. Some are with dementia. I talk to them one by one and giving basing nursing. When I give them some care (like treatment for water eczema, hands and legs massage, cutting nails, stomach massage for those who are suffering from constipation etc.) the sisters will always say with their joined hands, “Thank you,” “I am grateful,” or “Sorry for taking your lunch time”.


 Their expressionless faces turn to smiling faces. I am grateful to the sisters for letting me receive many graces through them. I am tasting the happiness of being able to accompany them with kindness, by recalling the words of Mother and doing small things with great love. I can see the gradual changes of the sisters’ faces becoming brightened.

As Mother prayed, I also pray, “Lord, make me a channel of your peace, ““Please, use my hands and feet,” before going to the sisters. I remember also always the song compose with mother’s words, “Lord, please, use me.”

I am grateful to the Lord, Our Lady, Saint Joseph and Mother from the bottom of my heart and I thank the Lord also for letting me keep in touch with the MC sisters. I pry for God’s abundant blessings and graces upon all of you.

(Y. K.)





Brisbane, Australia. Greetings from Brisbane, Australia! Peace be with you. I want to share with you “how I met the Missionaries of Charity”.


Living in a homeless men’s shelter, I went to a local mall. While I was sitting down high on drugs with my mates, two sisters came up to us and stated talking to us. Peace be with you, one of the sisters said to me. She asked my name and invited us toa soup-kitchen where they have meals for the poor every Saturday morning. The first time I went there, I could sense the very special love of God for each one of us through the sisters’ charity.

Before the meal the sister read the Gospel for that week, then we sung a hymn, then we prayed the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be, and a prayer before our meal. The sisters make me feel very welcome with much care and generosity. I keep going back each Saturday and I really felt an overwhelming sense of joy from the love of God radiating through the sisters. That really helps me to think about my situation and to ask questions about my life.


A while later, I met another lot of Catholics and they helped me to become a Catholic at the age of 33. I was baptized and confirmed. When I was at the age of about 40, I lived in a boarding house near the sisters. They invited me to evening prayer adoration a couple of times a week in which I really learned a lot and there I see the sisters with so much reverence for God and for love of neighbor and Mother Mary. They have really inspired me and helped me to grow in reverence for God, in love for Jesus, Mary and for my neighbor and to grow in faith. I have a lot to be thankful for the Missionaries of Charity.


About two years ago, I was asked by one of the sisters if I was interested in becoming a Sick and Suffering Co-worker. I was really filled with a sense od joy. So, noa when the things go wrong as they sometimes do and there will be pain and suffering, I offer it to God for the love of my sister link and all the time a deep sense of peace floods my spirit and mind. Thanks be to God for the Missionaries of Charity. If it was not for them, I really don’t know where I’d be. Thank you.

Jesus and Mary, we love you. Have mercy, please save souls.  men.

(David McMahon)






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