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Frankfurt, Germany. Recently, I had the chance to spend sometimes with the MC Sisters at Frankfurt. it was on a day when they go to the city center to distribute food to homeless and drug addicts. For such a healthy city there were many homeless who live on the street. It is truly a reflection of the love of Jesus working through the sisters. To see such a love in action inspires to let the love of Jesus work in me, to be more compassionate, taking courage and inspiration from the Jesus’ filled life of St. Mother Teresa and the M.C. sisters.




Stockholm, Sweden. I met the M.C. sisters in the Catholic parish of my residential area. I used to attend the Catholic mass even if I was a Lutheran. I was ordained a deacon in the Lutheran Church. Since my youth I had contact with Catholic youth groups and I considered myself a catholic in “my heart” and my mission was in the Lutheran Church. But after some years, i felt more and more spiritual pain at my work. Every time I met the sisters, they introduced me as 50 % Catholic and laughed. Year after year, they increased the percentage to 60 %, 70 %, 90 %. I never realized that each time I met the sisters, I was confirmed in my Catholic faith and my identity got clearer and clearer. In the year 2013, when Pope Francis was elected, I had no more resistance. This year is my sixth as a member of the Catholic Church and I have the great fortune to be coordinator of the Sick and Suffering Co-Workers in Scandinavia, especially for Sweden. Thanks be to God!

-Pia Vannesjo-



A sunny day in the middle of July 2008, I met Mother Teresa’s sisters for the first time. When I entered the subway to go one stop, I suddenly saw the sisters. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When they also came off at the next stop, I did something I never do –I went to them and asked if they really were Mother Teresa’s sisters. They smiled and say yes. And then I asked if they were tourists in Stockholm. They smiled again and said, “No, we live here.” I have never been so surprised. I had no idea about that. Since then, I have had contact with the sisters. I have helped a few to learn Swedish, helped to translate from English to Swedish and I joined the Sick and Suffering Co-Workers group about five years ago which means a lot to me. During the years, I have taken a lot of different people to the sisters: they pray with them, to join the Sick and suffering Co-Workers group, to go to the church and to join the Marian Pilgrim walk in mid-August. And all these different people have been very happy that I brought them to the sisters. Like me, they had never known that Mother Teresa’s sisters were living in Stockholm! We are all happy for that and that we have the possibility to join the Sick& Suffering Co-Workers group.

-Gabriella Lundqvist-



I am from South Korea and came to Sweden in August 1982 to study at the university but my soul was broken and lost. That summer, I met Karin Wiking and learned how she met Mother Teresa and helped her to organize the Sick & Suffering Co-workers (SSCW) in Scandinavia. Karin explained that a SSCW is “someone, who due to sickness, handicap or old age is prevented from making an active contribution for his or her neighbour” but rather, offers their sufferings for an M.C. sister or brother and their work with the poorest of the poor. Thus, the infirm person who earlier had the feeling of being a burden for others now has the important and invaluable task to support a missionary’s apostolate. Karin asked if I would like to be a SSCW and I joined the group. It gives me great pleasure to pray for our sisters and brothers and offer my suffering to God. It also helps me feel a strong bond and feeling of community with the other co-workers. It is like a drop of water in the sea which can in same way contribute to the work of God. Imagine that God uses me as a tool! When i have problems, feel bad, lack strength, have difficulty in understanding things or when I see one of my family members having a difficult time, I return my thoughts of being one of Mother Teresa’s co-workers. When my sufferings are severe, i think of Mother’s words, to do things with your whole heart, to try to do little things, not big things. Pray for others. I offer my sufferings to God with patience in order to make it possible for our sisters and brothers to work for God wherever they are. This fills me with peace of mind and I feel the presence of Jesus in my soul. I am proud of being one of Mother Teresa’s SSCW and thus, participating in the work of God from afar with our sisters and brothers who struggle throughout the world. We are one in Him.

-Young Hee Youn Katarina-



Berlin, Germany. I have the privilege to serve in the soup kitchen in Berlin since 2018, and I have been touched by the way that the sisters serve and love each person who comes here to eat or serve as volunteer. I have a special memory that toughed my heart a lot. In 2018 and 2019, the sisters allowed me to celebrate my birthday in the soup kitchen with the homeless. I prepared the meal for them. In 2018, one of the sisters told the people that it was my birthday and all of them sang the “Happy Birthday” song and shoed so much joy. It was one of the most special birthday in my life. i really experienced what it means, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Many young people from my organization (YWAM Berlin) who come from different nations (as Australia, America, Korea) have had the opportunity to serve there and learn more about how to love and care the poor and needy.

-Elizama Lima, from Brazil-




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