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“The sisters will live the Word of God in Eucharistic adoration and Contemplation, and will proclaim the Word to the people of God – and so, with Mary, Mother of the Church, bring the Word made Flesh….dwell in the hearts of all men. They are a beautiful gift of God to the Church.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)



The Missionaries of Charity Sisters were founded in Calcutta on 7 October 1950 and are an international religious family of pontifical right.


Members of the CONTEMPLATIVE branch, which came into being on the feast of the Sacred Heart, 25 June 1976 in New York with Sr. M. Nirmala Joshi, MC as Co-Foundress, live a life of contemplation, solitude, silence, fasting and penance with special emphasis on Eucharistic adoration. They go out to the spiritually poorest of the poor for two to three hours a day and proclaim the Word of God by their presence and spiritual works of mercy.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Women over the age of 35 are

generally not accepted.






The Contemplative Branch came into being on the Feast

of the Sacred Heart, 25 June 1976 in New York. This gift fulfills further needs

in the Church and in the world today, and is the fruit of God’s special

love for us and our gradual growth in love for Him.





The Society’s aim is to quench the infinite thirst of Jesus Christ on

the Cross for love and souls by the living of the four vows in a spirit of loving trust,

total surrender, and cheerfulness leading each one to the perfect love of God

and neighbor and making the Church fully present in the world of today.




Members of the contemplative branch lead a life of prayer

and contemplation, silence, solitude, fasting, and penance. They:

○ love and adore Jesus under the appearance of bread in the Blessed Sacrament by:

 spending much time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament;


In addition to daily Holy Mass, we have whole-day Eucharistic adoration

in the parish churches or chapels designated for this purpose.

When this is not possible we have it in our

own convent chapel where all are free to come.


fostering and sharing in the spiritual growth of others.


We try to bring prayer into the lives of the poor by praying with

them and for them and helping them personally to experience the power of prayer.

Besides encouraging personal and family prayer, we also encourage

meditation and prayerful readings of the Word of God and the inspirational lives of holy people.


We also have prayer houses with a room or two for people and sisters

to come and pray in silence and solitude for a few days.


We link bishops and priests of the whole world in spiritual adoption

with religious (“Veronica Intercessors”) of various congregations all over the world and link the houses of the Missionaries of Charity with contemplative monasteries around the world.


• love and serve Him in the distressing disguise of the spiritually poorest of the poor

by going out to them for two to three hours a day to proclaim the word of God by:

their presence


We go freely from person to person availing ourselves of

any opportunity to proclaim the Good News of God’s tenderness and love:

in the streets, in homes, in parks, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes,

including our homes run by our active branch, etc. We simply share

the overflow of our silent contemplation and our personal experience of God’s love.


“Contemplative walk” is a part of our postulate. From time to time

we walk in the streets in silence and recollection, praying for all,

especially those whom we are passing, remaining watchful and alert

so as to recognize Him if He happens to give us a glimpse of

Himself in any of them, remaining totally available to do to Him

what needs to be done with all the love and tenderness of our hearts.


spiritual works of mercy;


We call sinners to repentance by our love and respect for them

as they are and by our personal concern for them, telling them of God’s mercy

and His thirst for them. We counsel the doubtful by listening to them lovingly

and speaking to them the truth firmly and with love, sustain the tempted

by our prayer, penance, understanding love and by enlightening and encouraging words.


We befriend the friendless and comfort the sick and the sorrowful

by our personal concern for them, by praying for them, by doing for

them little things that needs to be done and by encouraging

them to offer their sufferings to God.


We try to bring Mary in the lives of our people so that they may experience

her motherly tenderness for them. We teach and encourage very much the

praying of the rosary by everyone whoever wishes. We also carry

devotion to the Heart of Jesus to every heart and home open to Him.


When there is no one to carry Holy Communion to the sick and the old we do it.

For those who have no one to prepare them for the Sacraments

or give religious instructions we do the needful.


corporal works of mercy.


In the course of our spiritual ministry, if we meet people in

absolute need of basic necessities of life, we share with them what they need

from what we have or procure it for them on the spot. Then we put them

in contact with our sisters or brothers in the active branch or with anyone else

who can help them effectively as long as they are in need.


Regardless of where they are sent or what they do, the life of a Missionary of Charity

is founded in prayer, marked by the simplicity and humility of the Gospel,

and characterized by total reliance on Divine Providence

for all personal necessities and those of the poor.



Candidates that aspire to join the Missionaries of Charity Contemplative Sisters must

be have the same qualifications as those desiring to join

the sisters of the Active Branch, plus:


• a strong desire for prayer and contemplation and a capacity for silence and a life of penance;

• readiness to go out to the spiritually poorest of the poor to proclaim the word of God;

• capacity to live in the community in peace and harmony with all;

• willingness to surrender their all to God and to live for Him alone;

• a mind open to truth and capable of receiving new knowledge.


Candidates are encouraged to complete at least a high school education.

Those interested will be invited to make a two-week “Come and See” experience.




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The Missionaries of Charity Sisters were founded in Calcutta on 7 October 1950 and are an international religious family of pontifical right.

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