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My 91-year-old mother was confined to a hospital for sudden weakness and shortness of breath. Her x-ray showed pneumonia and they found a golf ball sized mass in her left lung. Since I just returned after my visiting her, I was fearful that I would no longer see her because of her critical condition. I prayed for Mother Teresa to intercede for my mother through Mother Mary and to the Lord Jesus. A few days later, after her condition stabilized, the physicians decided to do an MRI ... to see what they needed to do about the tumor. The MRI did not show any signs of the tumor. I have prayed to Mother to thank her for interceding, thus healing my ailing Mother.



I am a 55 yr old man that had ... blood -borne cancer, by all indications. My wife's friend had been helping the sisters ... and asked them to pray a novena for my health.... The day after I finished a novena to Mother Teresa, the Doctor's visit showed that the cancer-indicating protein was absent from my bone marrow biopsy report. It surprised the doctor, as everything [previous] seemed to indicate a probable myeloma. I believe in my heart that it was Mother Teresa's intercession that stopped this terrible disease from finishing me off.



I had my delivery on 26th of October. It was c section. But my child and me are fine. Thank u for ur prayers. Because of ur prayers today everything went normal. Thank u st. Mother Theresa for ur beautiful blessing on me and my family.




We wanted the child very desperately. Though we were on treatment, for a month, but the result was negative, but on the day Mother Teresa's sainthood was announced I prayed silently, "Mother, pray for me so I will conceive the child." My prayer was heard. Praise to you. You are my patron saint. I believe in you.



I just want to tell you that I did passed the board exam. Thanks to our Lord, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa and also thank you for all the prayers. God made it all possible. I am now a licensed civil engineer preparing to find a job to help my family. Please pray for me that I may find the right job. Thank you. May you continue to be a blessing to others. Someday I hope that I can visit there personally with my family by the way I'm from Philippines. Again, thank




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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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