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Hi: My name is Michael. Back in the late 80's I was incarcerated in the California prison system. In the midst of my punishment I had found an old' magazine that had her Calcutta address and I wrote her. I was surprised when she'd token the time out of her busy day to type me a small, but significant letter that stated the scripture on "no chastisement being fun at the time, but later yielding great fruit", and you know she was very right in that! My mostly received blessing though was that of this very busy sister stopping to give advice to just me, a half a world away ! I still give God all the glory in this. It's been years and years now and I got out of that whole mess, and since have given my life over to Christ, and though at times i slip a little, I've never gone back into prison, and now soon I am engaged to be married to a woman whom wants to walk the Catholic life with me. Praise our dear Lord Jesus! Well, I thought I would share these happier memories. Her letters brought me good encouragement. I think she wrote me twice, but I can only find one typed letter with her signature. It seems the typewriter had a bad letter key, as one letter throughout the entire message fonts itself a little out of line. She even used a somewhat broken typewriter, surely she could've gotten a new one or at least better, but she was content with the old one......there's a lesson right there in just that, too – is not there? Ok, that's it..............May God bless the cause.... .......and all, Amen.



Earlier this summer I was laid off. I asked for help from Mother Teresa and said her novena. Today I was told that I would be hired by a new employer through the state in which I live. I have applied to them time and time again for the last three years without any luck. But now only after Mother Teresa's intercession has my dream been fulfilled. Thank you, Mother Teresa, and all who help to prayer for me. I will hold you dear in my heart and try very hard to live in your ways.



Praise You Jesus, Thank You! Jesus! For the answered prayers- Lillian "MRI" result came- no cancer!! God is good, God is Love!



I am happy to tell you all who have prayed for my Nephew Andrew that he is back home with his wife Mary on the Marine Base at 29 Palms, CA. He is slated for surgery on his shoulder shortly after the 1st of the year. He is in good spirits - though a little jumpy from the tensions of serving in Iraq in a base aid station. He is applying for training as an Xray Technician, which would allow him to stay in the Navy as a career. His shoulder will not allow him to continue as a Corpsman with the front line Marines. Thank you so much for interceding with our good and compassionate God on Andrew's and Mary's behalf. Glory to God for all things.




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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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