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I had my delivery on 26th of October. It was c section. But my child and me are fine. Thank u for ur prayers. Because of ur prayers today everything went normal. Thank u st. Mother Theresa for ur beautiful blessing on me and my family.



I have received the prayer and 2nd class relic asked some days ago, and feel so happy. The novena prayer book and the prayers are really "great", they touch my heart. I'm so happy to learn to know Mother Teresa better, and to fight my fear from such a great woman, disciple of Jesus, because I feel despite all that she is so near us even in our rich countries, where we have everything ... But maybe simplicity and love, And I felt guilty about that. And now I feel more confident that with her I can learn step by step , with humility to become in my family nearer and nearer of Jesus, so that Jesus can live in my family. And to learn to get rid of all the unnecessary things we have, little by little, with love and compassion.


Thank you so very much. I really cannot truly verbalize our gratitude enough to you and wonderful Saint Mother Teresa. This morning E told us she is pregnant again! Only 5 weeks. She was so overwhelmed she did 4 tests-all positive. It is still very early days, but it feels like a miracle to us all




Dear Mother Teresa. Thank you, from my heart, my met test came out fine.




Thank you so much for your good prayers. Our daughter's husband is now going to AA Meetings. This has only happened through the power of prayer....




I wanna say thank you, thanks to you and thanks to Saint Mother Teresa because with her help and yours prayer, we get the authorization to my daddy treatment Thank you with all my soul



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Many lives have been touched or changed by Mother Teresa.

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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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