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Let us pray for all the grace we need to unite our sufferings to His, that many

souls, who live in darkness and misery, may know His love and life.

-St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta


“Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

(Luke 10:21)


The admirable life of little


Our son, Luke John, who died at the age of 4 from liver cancer.


What can I possibly say except that we are BLESSED, so deeply blessed by God when given the opportunity at any time to share Luke John’s life, and to remember him. He lived and loved heroically. I have spoken with other parents of terminally ill children, and many seem to agree that there is an other-centeredness about them, an uncanny awareness of spiritual things and the feelings of others. Luke John naturally had this instinct, and it was fostered by his Catholic faith and the influences of others — such as Mother Teresa. Her letter was not the ONLY thing he knew about her. Before being diagnosed, we went to see her when she came to Chester, PA [in June 1995] and she reached out her hand toward him in the crowd, as if to bless him. We told him all about her life, and how she and other sisters like her take care of people that no one cares about. As usual with him, he took it in and didn’t ask questions. His speech was always slow, thoughtful and deliberate. Mostly he liked to listen, and when he would talk — he had something special to say. My mother-in-law said he was like a computer, because he would think and “process” before he would say things.


He was a beautiful and obedient child, even at his young age. And yet, he was so, so “grown up,” it was odd. Talking with him, you would forget he was a child. His insights were surely heaven-sent, and God gave us very, very many blessings and “words of wisdom” during his short life. One of the most heroic things he did with INCREASING passion was to offer up his suffering for others, and as I said to you before, I know that Mother Teresa’s letter cemented this instinct in him. As a mother, I admit to you, that I became almost angry with God that he so deliberately chose to follow the lessons of our faith and to embrace the cross as he did. Now I know my bitterness was wrong, but at the time — especially during his last weeks when he was wasting away and holding his stomach and struggling to breath, and he would cry on the couch when my husband or I would try to bring him pain medicine, and he would refuse — during those moments, I struggled deeply in my soul.


At times I am so blessed to come across things people tell me about him, something they remember or something he said that I didn’t know — it is like he has come alive again for us.


[This] letter, sent to our departed son Luke John, meant the WORLD to him, and I sincerely believe it STRENGTHENED his resolve to offer up his suffering for the conversion of sinners. This is something that he had been doing, since he was familiar with the children of Fatima and Our Lady’s call to offer sufferings for the world. When Mother Teresa further encouraged him to embrace his cross in this way — he firmly took it to heart.



This song, “For Our Mother Teresa” was written PRIOR to Mother Teresa’s passing — a tribute to this lovely and saintly soul whom we were blessed to meet and correspond with four times during her life.



Let us pray for all the grace we need to unite our sufferings to His, that many

souls, who live in darkness and misery, may know His love and life.

-St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta




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