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 Missionaries of Charity Publications:


Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Fruitful Branch on the Vine Jesus, Oscar Mondadori, edited by Missionaries of Charity, (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 1998)


Jesus, the Word to be Spoken, compiled by Brother Angelo Devananda, (Servant Publications, 1986)


Total Surrender, compiled by Brother Angelo Devananda Scolozzi, (Servant Publications, 1986)


Thirsting for God, compiled by Angelo D. Scolozzi, M.C.III.O., (Servant Publications, 2000)


Life With Mother Teresa: My thirty-year Friendship With The Mother Of The Poor, Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala, MC, (Servant Publications, 2004)


Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady, Fr. Joseph Langford, M.C. (Our Sunday Visitor, 2007)


Mother Teresa's Secret Fire: The Encounter That Changed Her Life and How It Can Transform Your Own by Fr.Joseph Langford, M.C. (Our Sunday Visitor, 2008)



Publications of  the Mother Teresa of Calcutta of the Missionaries of Charity :

A Call for Mercy


Where There is Love, There is God : Mother Teresa , Edited with an Introduction by FATHER BRIAN KOLODIEJCHUK, M.C., Ph.D. (Random House 2010)


Jesus is My All in All,Praying with the "Saint of Calcutta" compiled by FATHER BRIAN KOLODIEJCHUK (Random House 2008)


Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, compiled and edited by FATHER BRIAN KOLODIEJCHUK, (Random House 2007)

















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