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“There is nothing now but the joy of conviction that the contemplative brothers

will be a fruitful branch on the Tree of Life – Jesus. …

My prayer for you is that each one of you may give all to Christ.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


The Missionaries of Charity Contemplative Brothers were founded in Rome, on 19 March 1979 by Mother Teresa with Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala and are a diocesan religious institute composed of brothers and priests. One of their special ministries is to

guide the Movement of the Lay Missionaries of Charity.


The life of the Brothers is one of intense prayer, penance, and spiritual and

corporal works of mercy. They visit the elderly, the poor on the street, in hospitals and prisons; they have a night shelter for homeless men in Rome

and a shelter for orphaned and handicapped boys in India. They also serve the poorest of the poor in Albania and Ghana.


Candidates must be at least 17 years of age, have a strong desire for prayer, contemplation and penance and a capacity to observe silence.

In 2007, 28 Brothers were serving in 5 houses.









Our Society known as the Missionaries of Charity Contemplative

is a diocesan religious institute composed of brothers and priests

with equal rights and obligations founded by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

with Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala on 19 March 1979.





We are a diocesan religious institute in the diocese of Rome since 8 December 1993

whose members take public vows of chastity, poverty, obedience

and wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor,

lived in the perfection of love:

• with a life marked by an intense life of prayer, penance,

and works of mercy in simplicity and humility within their own communities

and in the heart of the world, aided by the superior

who is their father, teacher, and guide;

• who are called by the Lord to reflect, live and diffuse the spirit,

charism and mission entrusted to our foundress, Saint Teresa of Calcutta.



Our aim is to satiate the infinite thirst of Jesus on the Cross for love and for souls.

Remaining in the heart of the Church, we consecrate and sanctify ourselves,

our society, and the entire world – especially the world of the poorest of the poor:


• with our constant effort to transform our own lives after the image of Jesus,

and our communities into true sanctuaries of love, peace, and joy

by means of prayer, dialogue, sharing, and service;

• doing ordinary little things with extraordinary love for the greater glory of God;


• with our consecrated contemplative presence in the heart of the world -

as we are called to be contemplative missionaries and missionary contemplatives -

for twenty-four hours of each day: from the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,

we go to the presence of Jesus in the poorest of the poor, and vice versa;


• giving immediate and effective service according

to the felt need in a given situation;


• accepting everything, especially our daily crosses, trials,

and sufferings in total surrender, loving trust, and cheerfulness.


The Society will entirely depend on Divine Providence for all its needs,

spiritual and temporal, without ever being anxious about tomorrow.



The first mission-field for us is our own hearts, and the second one is our own brothers

in community who have the special need to find God’s tender love reflected in us.

Currently the Brothers serve the poorest of the poor in Rome, Albania, India, and Ghana.

Our apostolic work includes:


• In Rome – visiting the poor on the street, in hospitals and old people;

a night ministry to the homeless and sacramental services in prisons; a night shelter (Casa Serena)

for about seventy homeless men, who are provided with a bed, clothing,

washing and medical facilities as well as two meals a day and, most importantly, a family to belong to.


• In Albania – meeting a very wide spectrum of spiritual and material needs

amongst people who have suffered severe state repression for over 45 years.

We are hoping to expand our ministry to the prisons and hospitals,

as well as to teach catechism in as many local villages as we can.

• In India – giving witness to non-Christians by living an authentically contemplative Christian life,

while at the same time providing loving care and shelter for some

seventy orphaned and handicapped boys, irrespective, of their religious or cultural background.


When we find ourselves in new situations, we are always ready to adapt, with God’s help,

to any new work that the Lord may show us amongst those who are truly the poorest.


One of God’s special gifts to our contemplative branch is the movement

of the Lay Missionaries of Charity, which is meant to be at the service of the family,

to promote and foster "unity and fidelity in marriage guided by love and peace,

as the future of humanity passes by way of the family." (Pope John Paul II)



Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala M.C. (Superior General)

Via S. Agapito 8

00177 Roma


Tel: (+39)  06/21707702

Fax: (+39)  06/21707703



Our Mother house

Missionaries of Charity Contemplative

Via S.Agapito, No.8.

00177 Rome



Tel. (+39) 06-

Fax (+39) 06-

E-mail: MCCbrothers@libero.it





Missionaries of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata

PB: 74

Atul Kataria Marg

122001 Gurgaon


Tel. (+91) 124-4089701

Tel. (+91)-92-130.23941




Missionaries of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata

Berhrampur-Bandhwari Road,

Village Bandhwari

P.B. 74, Gurgaon


Tel. (+91) 92-130.22114

Tel. (+91) 124-21.64114

Noviciate (+91)-124-6520930




Missionaries of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Kolkata

Berhrampur-Bandhwari Road,

Village Bandhwari

P. B. 74, Gurgaon

Tel. (91) 92-130.22114

Tel. (91)-124-21.64114,

Noviciate- (91)-124-6520930

E-mail: anandashrammc@gmail.com



Kisha Bushat, Shkodra

Tel. (355)-266-20013

E-mail: bushatbethel@gmail.com



Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Kolkata

P. B. 99 (Yesu Fie) Kumasi,

Pankrono Ghana (W. Africa)

Tel. (233)-289524317

E-mail: mcc.yesufie@gmail.com



Beit Assalam

Missionaries of Charity Contemplative

Latin Quarter, No. 8/ 6165

1600 Nazareth – Israel

Tel. (972) 4-8734461

Email: beitsalammcc9@gmail.com




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