♦Mother Teresa - Address and Press Conference

♦Mother Teresa: Address at the National Prayer Breakfast

♦An Interview with Mother Teresa

♦St. Teresa of Calcutta addresses the crowd of thousands by video in 1993 at the opening mass of the 25th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae in Omaha, Neb.

Celebrating the Life of St. Teresa of Calcutta


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♦Mother Teresa ~ Revolution of Love

♦Mother Teresa in Italy , Bologna in 1987

♦Right To Life - Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa in Italy , Rimini in 1987

♦Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II

♦Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech by Mother Teresa

Speech on Love

♦If we turn our back on the poor we turn our back on Jesus  by Mother Teresa

♦Mother Teresa at the National Prayer Breakfast

President Reagan Presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mother Teresa on June 20, 1985

♦The Testament of Mother Teresa

♦Mother Teresa speaks out against abortion

♦Saint Mother Teresa - Talk on vocations and the Eucharist

♦Interview with Mother Teresa

♦Commencement Address of Teresa of Calcutta' at Thomas Aquinas College

♦St. Teresa of Calcutta's Press Conference at Thomas Aquinas College

♦Exclusive Mother Teresa 1974 1-2

♦Mother Teresa speaks to Priests







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