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The Novena to St Joseph begins  normal on the 10 March ( and sometimes some days later in March when  the feast will be celebrated later on when the 19th of March would be in the Holy Week) – nine days of prayer leading up to his feast day on March 19th.  You can find the novena prayers here. If you have time for supplemental reading, you may want to read St. Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation on St Joseph.


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Novena prayer to St. Joseph

(that was prayed by Mother Teresa and still is prayed by the Missionaries of Charity today)


O Glorious St. Joseph, faithful follower

of Jesus Christ, to you do we

raise our hearts and hands,/ to implore

your powerful intercession in obtaining

from the benign Heart of Jesus/ all the

helps and graces necessary for our spiritual

and temporal welfare,/ particularly

the grace of a happy death,/ and the special

favor we now implore.


O guardian of the Word Incarnate,/

we feel filled with confidence/ that your

prayers on our behalf/ will be graciously

heard before the throne of God./


O Glorious St. Joseph,/ through the

love you bear to Jesus Christ,/ and for

the glory of His name,/ hear our prayers

and obtain our petitions. (Repeat 7times)

Let us pray

O Glorious St. Joseph,/ spouse of the

Immaculate Virgin,/ obtain for us a

pure,/ humble, and charitable mind,/ and

perfect resignation to the divine Will./

Be our guide, father and model through

life,/ that we may merit to die as you

did,/ in the arms of Jesus and Mary.




























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