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When I lived in CA Mother was in the hospital in San Diego. I sent her a get-well card. To my surprise she wrote me back to wish me well for my charitable works with were like nothing compared to her good works. Also she was sick & still cared. I know she is a Saint in Heaven & that walked the earth. I still may have her note. I believe more books should be published about her.



Mother Teresa was kind enough to mail me a hand-written reply to my letter and offer her prayers for me when she was the one who was sick and ailing a few years before she passed on to a better life. I was amazed that this woman who was a world traveler and world-renowned, would take the time for me whom she had never met. I will treasure always treasure her note.


So fragile but yet a strong personality to spread the message of love in the true sense of the word. She was a an apostle of Christ and also a great warrior who fought for the poor. I saw her in 1996. She was so small but her face so radiant! What a remarkable person!


I saw Mother Teresa once during the mid-eighties while attending an NCEA Convention in Chicago. I went to her keynote address. I expected to be inspired in the presence of a great person. I was not prepared for her to tell me how noble my own calling as an educator was. I thought I would come away feeling good about her. (Who does not want to be in the presence of a saint at least once in life.) Instead, I came away with a feeling of the value and the challenges of my own "calling."

I guess that is what saints do: Recognize the dignity in individuals, enable it, and let it work.

It has made all the difference to me.


I remember a few years ago, Mother Teresa visited this island of Jamaica. It was a beautiful sight to see almost everyone from every walk of life wanting to see and to touch her. She was full of the Holy Spirit and one could hear Catholics and non-Catholics alike remarking how they felt when they came into her presence. The place was full of people and they were not all Catholics; as a matter of fact, I could hear someone remarking that the "people would not even leave any space for the Catholics." That is when I realized the awesome power of this saint and how it affected everyone.

Mother Teresa is definitely a saint. There is no doubt in my mind because when I saw people, journalists as well who would normally bash the Catholic Church, come out of the press conference looking as if they were hit by the Holy Spirit, then I realized the power of this little gentle saint.


When I was a small boy of five years, I was living the next compound of Mother Teresa's convent in Royapuram, Chennai, India. I was in the convent frequently. After about 23 years I had chance of meeting the divine Mother Teresa in the convent, standing alone before the chapel. I had to pass by, I stopped my bike and had a personal blessing. I have seen a saint.




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