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I wrote a letter to Mother Teresa in 1996. In it I asked her to pray for our teenagers and young adults because some are so lost in addictions whether they be drugs, immorality or lack of direction. It was typed but I think she signed it, I treasure it very much. She wrote, "Each one of us, no matter how good or bad, how well or ill, have been created for greater things--to love and to be loved--the child of God. Our youth are builders of tomorrow, the future of making something beautiful for God. Do not lose courage but keep praying. Let us always pray together especially in our family, for if we pray together we will stay together and love each other as God loves each one of us. Where there is Love, there is peace, joy and unity."


I met Blessed Mother Teresa in Phoenix, Arizona, in September 1987. Mother Teresa visited Phoenix while she blessed new convent for Missionaries of Charities Sisters. I kissed her veil on head same time She gave me a medal of St. Mary. I still have it from her and picture of her with me. I feel lot of inspiration from her. I respect her very deeply.

I am very devoted catholic faith since 1987. I attend the daily Mass twice a day and receive an Eucharist twice a day every day. If she became Saint, She will be my First Saint that I met her. I believe that she is the wonderful Saint. I still have a statue of Mother Teresa in my bed room and pray with her.

I am very interested to be a Franciscan Brother because of her. She guide me the vocation to enter the Franciscan way life.

Many years ago a miracle happened in Long Beach California....Mother Teresa of Calcutta came to our home town. I was asked to be a part of those who would line the rails to help with crowd control. The children stood on the field of Vets Stadium in the shape of the rosary. Each child representing a prayer. Suddenly from prayerful silence there came a thunderous roar of applause as this little tiny frail yet sturdy woman walked slowly to the microphone to address those gathered. Smiling - she spoke to the crowd with the clear voice of conviction. The Holy Spirit was with her.

All were silent as Mother Teresa gave testimony to the Gospel and to Christ's message of love - for all of humanity....

What I remembered clearly was her message of missionary work for the poor. And- that not all of us would be called to be missionaries in far-off countries - rather - we were all called to be missionaries in our own homes. To love our families and neighbors and friends with the love of Jesus...That the poor were very much here. The lonely, the aged, the sick and infim, we were all called to be missionaries of Christ's love to our families first...and the love of Jesus would then spread. She was and continues to be an ambassador for the Love of Jesus - which binds us together and makes us ONE BODY. I will always remember her...



The weekend that Mother Teresa died my daughter told me that she was pregnant. we wanted her to have an abortion. She was unmarried and in college. Then the tv showed a clip of her saying, "Do not have an abortion. Give your baby to me and I will raise her."

We canceled the appointment and are blessed with the most amazing 9-year-old. I am appalled by the thought of what we almost did.


In 1984 Mother visited our archdiocese of St. Boniface. I was asked to facilitate the music and song in French and English for her visit with religious congregations and clergy for St. Boniface, Winnipeg and the Byzantine dioceses here. I met her and she looked into my eyes, clasped both my hands together and said, "What you have done for us here today, you must continue to do for all of God's people wherever you go." This was in 1982.

I am a priest, retreat director and musician, composer and singer. I have 24 recordings published and I always remember the words of Mother. I responded the best way I have been able to. I have been preaching retreats to parishes, schools and religious communities since 1989 with the approval of my bishop. I am grateful to Mother for advising me with a few words that went very deep.



I went to see Mother Teresa in Denver in the early '80s. Like a man who climbs the tallest mountain to hear the wisdom of a Guru. The message I came away with was: "Love, Jesus!" and I thought it was too simple. Over the years I have come to realize how profound that message is. To love Jesus you must first come to know Him, in the gospels and in prayer. To receive Him in the blessed sacrament and to adore Him in the exposed monstrance. I admire her even more now that I know that she experienced the "Dark night of the Soul" yet continued with her work so no one knew how she comforted her Lord with her suffering. Thank You, Jesus, for Your saint.




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