Sister Mary Prema Pierick, Mother Teresa's successor visit Las Tunas

CUBA: Las Tunas says goodbye to Mother Mary Prema, superior general of the Missionaries of the Charity

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To the center Mother Mary Prema m.c. and Mons. Emilio Aranguren next to the PP. Dayron, Emilio, Alexander, Ángel Andrés, sister Ronald, superior of the Cuba Region and the nuns of the house of Las Tunas / Picture: Vicente I. Alvarez Morell



CUBA: Las Tunas says goodbye to Mother Mary Prema, superior general of the Missionaries of the Charity

By Vicente Ignacio Álvarez Morell


LAS TUNAS, 30 Jun. 17 / 04:00 p.m. (COCUYO).- With a simple but moving Holy Mass the communities of Las Tunas said goodbye to the Superior General of the Missionaries of the Charity and successor of Mother Teresa in their visit to Las Tunas.


The Mother Mary Prema arrived to Havana the past 10th to begin a visit to the Region of Cuba who contains the eleven houses in Cuba and two in Jamaica.


After a long journey that began in Havana, Isla de la Juventud, Consolation of the South in Pinar del Río, Cardenas in Matanzas, Sancti Spíritus and Ciego de Ávila, she arrived to Las Tunas in the morning on Wednesday 28th.


The superior general expressed his happiness of being able to be for the first time in Cuba and of enjoying this trip very much in which has been able to know and to be related with the Cuban town when he said: "I am very happy of being here. A long time ago it was looking for the opportunity to come Cuba and finally I came and I can see how Madre Teresa has left their love and affection to the Cuban people", feeling that she felt when she visited, with the nuns of Las Tunas, to share -for three days- in the rural communities of the 7th Kilometer of the highway of Jobabo, the Cerro de Caisimu and The Victoria’s neighborhood where the sisters develop their pastoral action.


"To dedicate a lifetime to the pray and the work, it can seem nowadays a madness, but if the objective of this dedication is for experiment and to satiate Jesus' thirst in the Cruz for love to the souls, then we can say that it’s a work with sure recompense", expressed Teresa Gonzalez, -one of the assistants to the celebration -, in relation to the foundation of the work of the Missionaries of the Charity bequeathed by Mother Teresa.


"It has been to remember Madre Teresa's visit from 1986 up to 1994, year that she made the last trip to Cuba", commented at the beginning father Alexander Ceballo -priest of Saint John Bosco - in relation to this visit, at the same time he express: “is the renovating of the spirit and the charisma of the congregation in our Christian community, when remembering that the love to the poor always continues effective for the congregation and also for the Church, the same love that it is also stimulated by His Holiness that always invites us to love the poor."


Kallini Rivelles, a lay Missionary of the Charity in Las Tunas, comment: "We are happy and grateful with God to have among us to the sister Prema. To be able to know it personally, it is a gift of God and at the same time it is a great strength for us to see their delivery, reality that we have discovered in their words, in their character and in their smile."


In another moment when referring to the Cuban volunteer’s sister Prema refer: “I’m happy to find small groups of lay Missionaries of the Charity in several cities. They share the charisma from Jesus to the service of Madre Teresa's poor, especially in the sanctity of the family", it visits in the one that has also been able to appreciate the work of the 46 sisters that reside in the Island.


Almost when concluding the celebration the communities gave her a plant of Brave Tuna -characteristic of this region-, a Rosary with the Virgin of the - Charity -patron of Cuba- and two prays of Cuban devoted persons: father Felix Varela and brother Olayo Valdes, so that she prayed for this intention.


Mons. Emilio Aranguren, diocesan bishop, made grateful memory in relation to the succession from Mother Teresa going by the Mother Nirmala m.c. and finally the Mother Mary Prema m.c., elect superior general of the congregation in March of 2009; relating it this fact with their testimony when it expressed: "I am happening to the bishop that welcomed them 26 years ago here in Las Tunas, therefore among Mons. Héctor Luis Peña and I are a succession, and that succession is the Church."


Later on Mons. Aranguren express: "when we understand that the Church’s today is completely our, and the tomorrow’s is of God, when we will enter and understand that our answer to God is the delivery every day and the future is of God, for that reason a man or a woman of faith always has hope."


Mother Mary Prema, continues today her trip to the Cuban East to visit the house of Bayamo, from where she will continue to the two houses of Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo. She will conclude their visit to the Island in the city of Santiago from Cuba on July 9th from where she will go to Jamaica to conclude the visit to the Region of Cuba in the houses of Kingston and Balaclava.


The Missionaries of the Charity are present in 139 countries and in Cuba since 1986 with ten houses of active life and one of contemplative life in the town of El Cobre. In the Diocese of Holguín they are present in the oriental city of Las  Tunas since August 12th, 1991.











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