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♦Mother Teresa - Address and Press Conference


♦Mother Teresa, chosen by Jesus to spread his love


♦Mother Teresa: Address at the National Prayer Breakfast


♦Encounter the thirst of Jesus with Mother Teresa

and through her intercession


"Jesus is God, therefore His love, His Thirst, is infinite.

He the creator of the universe, asked for the love of His creatures. He thirst for our love."

(Saint Teresa of Calcutta)


♦ Pray for the day

♦Listen to St. Teresa of Calcutta


♦Mother Teresa’s Tomb: 360 video

♦An Interview with Mother Teresa

♦September 5  Feast day of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

♦International Day of Charity - 5 September

Prayer request

Have your petition(s) placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa... special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Mother-house in Kolkata (Calcutta).

♦26th of August marks Saint Mother Teresa Birthday

♦Mother Teresa, give us your faithfullness to God and to the poor 26th August 2019

Superior general of the Missionaries of charity

Photo gallery 26th August 2019

♦Mass in Calcutta marks anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth 26th August 2019


♦Prayers to St. Teresa of Calcutta


♦Feast day

♦Liturgical prayers – for the Feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta

♦Prayers to St. Teresa of Calcutta




♦Videos, Audios, live recordings with and on Mother Teresa etc.

♦Articles on  Mother Teresa




♦Relics of St. Teresa   - Veneration of Saints & Blesseds


♦Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

♦Why I love & admire Mother Teresa

♦By those who knew her

♦Personal experiences with Mother Teresa

♦Let us pray for all the grace we need to unite our sufferings to His, that many

souls, who live in darkness and misery, may know His love and life.

-St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

♦Poems in honor of Mother Teresa















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