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updated 13.06.2020

June Month Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Let us bring Jesus in their families by consecrating them to the Sacred Heart,

by teaching them to pray the Rosary, by bringing prayer into their lives.  Priests used to do that before so easily, used to come in the family and be with the family and pray with the family, consecrate the family to the Sacred Heart and this has to come back.  And I ask you to help us to consecrate the families to the Sacred Heart because if we bring Jesus back in their lives, we will bring peace, joy and holiness.

Mother Teresa

♦The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

celebrated on 19 June


from the 10 June to the 18 of June, this year the feast of the Sacred Heart will be celebrated on 19 June


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♦The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart - Annual Day of Prayer for Priests 19 of June

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♦Short sayings from Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Prayer request

Have your petition(s) placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa... special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Mother-house in Kolkata (Calcutta). ♦Mother Teresa’s Tomb video


♦Visit Mother Teresa’s Room in Kolkata - Calcutta

♦Visit Mother Teresa’s Room in Rome - Italy

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♦Mother Teresa, chosen by Jesus to spread his love


♦Relics of St. Teresa   - Veneration of Saints & Blesseds


♦Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

♦Why I love & admire Mother Teresa

♦By those who knew her

♦Personal experiences with Mother Teresa

♦Let us pray for all the grace we need to unite our sufferings to His, that many

souls, who live in darkness and misery, may know His love and life.

-St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

♦Poems in honor of Mother Teresa















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