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I just read Mother Teresa's daily prayer, wishing to spread the "fragrance of Jesus." I just got my acceptance letter as a sales associate for Parisian's in the cosmetics department selling fragrance. Coincidence? I believe not.



The weekend that Mother Teresa died my daughter told me that she was pregnant. we wanted her to have an abortion. She was unmarried and in college. Then the tv showed a clip of her saying, "Do not have an abortion. Give your baby to me and I will raise her."

We canceled the appointment and are blessed with the most amazing 9-year-old. I am appalled by the thought of what we almost did.

For me, Mother Teresa has always been a true beacon of hope for peace. Her messages of love as the only true path are simple and yet eloquent. They speak volumes in such a few words. When asked who my hero is, I always say it is Mother Teresa.





It is a sad indication that our secular and hedonistic times and writers don't seem to understand holiness and those who follow the way of the cross, not to mention what is the nature of the dark night of the soul which so many saints through the ages have had to endure throughout their lives. I was very upset this past Friday when I saw the face of Mother Teresa in the cover of Time magazine with the words "Saint of Love or saint of doubters?" I had to read the article right there in the store, and I could see immediately that the author had no understanding about the Way of the Cross, the giving of self to the Lord, nor the spiritual suffering that this saint as so many Catholic saints like Padre Pio of Pietralcina experienced (not to mention most mystics like Saint John of the Cross, Saint Theresa of Avila, and Saint Rosa of Lima) in their living close to the Cross while living their lives of pure love, devotion, and dedication to the physical and spiritual welfare of others. After all the Way of the Cross, the Way of Our Lord Jesus Christ is one of total giving of self to the Lord which many times is not full of heavenly delights, but also contains immense sacrifices and spiritual questions.


I know that Mother Teresa was and is a saint for her total love, charity, and commitment to the poor, the sick, the lonely, the abandoned. She had a word of love and encouragement to every person who sought her out. Our parish priest wrote to her once and asked her to pray for the work with the students at St. Augustine Church, The Student Center here in Gainesville, Florida, and Mother Teresa replied that she would keep our parish priests and students in her prayers. No person who came to her was ignored or left without a kind word or a promise of help. Even today in times of financial and spiritual crisis in our Catholic church, we are still turning to Mother Teresa for her love, reassurance, and consolation. She is alive in and through God in heaven, and still watching over those who work tirelessly for the poor and needy among our parish community , and I am sure throughout the world.







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