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My name is Frances, I live in Italy but I was born in New York and raised in San Diego. Mother Teresa for me is a very special person, that I treasure in my heart and through her I treasure Our Lord.



With love for MOTHER TERESA! Tout court, when I read about HER, i cry, because MOTHER TERESA had a heart big as if all space. Thank you and I love here and she is in my heart.



From the moment she started serving the poor of Calcutta, Mother Theresa always did her best to serve them. But she did more than helping these 'poorest of the poor', she helped the other 'poorest of the poor', the unborn children of the world in danger of abortion with no one to speak up for them. She did speak up for them, even telling women everywhere that if they did not want their baby, they should give the baby to her and she would take care of it. And many women did just that, so that over 4,000 children who would have died by abortion were saved by being given to Mother Theresa and her order of sisters. She truly showed the love of Jesus to these children, and to their mothers who were spared the guilt and pain of having taken the life of their child. As fellow children of God, let us follow in Mother Theresa's footsteps and do our best to take care of the mothers and children caught in the difficult situation of unexpected, unwanted pregnancies. Let's give these women the love they need to make the right decision and choose life for their child, thus also choosing a better life for themselves. And let's also pray the Lord Jesus that He help us to put an end to abortion all over the world, as soon as possible and forever, so that all children may be protected in the place that should be the safest place in the world, but isn't - the mother's womb.


I like Madre Teresa because she is beautiful, and I love her by this devotion, humility and holiness! She is inspiration to me, and I hope, in my life, to have the courage to help people like she did. God bless Madre Teresa, and God bless all the world!


I love mother Teresa because she is a true image of Christ. "whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do so unto me." she followed the footsteps of Christ by being down-to-earth. That is our mission today - to give till it hurts especially to those who will never be able to repay us. She did not show any discrimination, but looked as Christ would look, and loved and Christ would love


I love Mother Teresa because she loved Jesus as I would like to love Him!



I love her because she is the mother of the world.









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