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In our world, torn by wars, conflicts of all kinds, hunger and oppression, we need Mother Teresa more than ever. Her message and life examples give us hope and strength to strive for a better and just society where our children can live in peace and dignity. We are disillusioned by politicians, leaders and even church officials. Mother Teresa's message of love is more urgently needed than ever before. Her death and beatification today remind us of the need to love and give.


Mother Teresa is a saint of today's history. She lived among us and she is one of us, someone who we saw alive living among us as a normal being.


Mother Teresa was more important than a given named faith; she did not give her life to the helping of Catholics, she helped anyone who needed her without distinction. She did not qualify her love, classify those deserving of her time, or impose her beliefs on those who needed her.

She represents all that a human can be, and how absurd it is to label a given faith, or hold it above that of another. She transcended all religious boundaries, did so without distinction, and her actions were beyond any reproach. She was a woman of faith who offered the world a reason to still believe that hope actually meant something, and unconditional love exists. If history is any indication we will learn little from her, from this gift that was given to all.

Mother Teresa was one of the most remarkable people to have lived, and the only source of hope and happiness for those she and the sisters of her order cared for. She has shown the world that her actions are a fact.



She had more goodness and class in one tiny finger than most of us as a whole!



Mother Teresa is a gift from God, a true angel of mercy and a saint. In my lifetime or my children's we will never see another like her. She had unconditional love for the poor. I wish I was 1/4 as good or worthy. God bless Mother Teresa, loved by all.



Mother Teresa has meant so much to me. I love her for what she has done in her life. She has to be the most thoughtful person in the entire world. I pray every night that someday another person like her will be born.



I love Mother Teresa because the amount of time she gave up to help others was incredible. I think her persistence was amazing; she kept trying and trying and did not give up until her time was done. I think the world should be filled with more people like her.



Mother Teresa is the best example of a saint that I've seen in my lifetime. I have so much respect for anyone who dedicates their lives for the benefit of others. She was amazing, a true saint.



There is no person I have ever read about who has put themselves up on something they truly believe in. I believe that Jesus on the cross represents you putting yourself up, and Mother Teresa represents everything Jesus stood for: sacrifice, helping the poor, caring for the needy, loving every human being.








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