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St. Mother Teresa as she is one of my favorite saints whose life and works have inspired me to be faithful and persevere in my chosen vocation. I am greatly inspired by her spirituality



I Love Mother Teresa, So willing to go among the people and suffer with them. Yet God was there to carry out all her desires because her desires came from Him.

I pray that my life will touch people in the same way.


Mother Teresa is an inspiration because she never gave up hope no matter what she saw no matter what she went through she remained faithful and she was very loving. that's why she is an inspiration to me. she reminds me of my mother who was always forever praying and keeping the faith. P.S. I WISH SHE WAS HERE IN THESE TROUBLING TIMES.


When I heard the story about when she was asked how can you minister to the lepers and hold them. I believe she said she looks into the face of Jesus. Now That is what Jesus was all about.. That story touched my heart, as her prayer has. Praise the Lord.


Mother Teresa helps me to understand what it means to die to the flesh on a daily basis--something I find very difficult but really want to do to grow as a Christian. I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Her life is a testimony that true self-sacrifice for Jesus is something we can achieve.


The reason why mother Teresa inspires me is because I have prayed to the Blessed Mother Teresa for my studies and helping me to be strong and whenever I was down in my studies, I asked for help to Mother Teresa and she lifted me up.

I did her prayer every day until I got my results and I passed.

I always pray Mother Teresa. I think she was a good role model of Jesus. She saw Jesus on all these poor people's face. She was great; I admire her and wish I could follow her footstep.



I am inspired by her story because she loved others the way Jesus loved others and she changed the world for Christ. She put others above herself to make a difference in the world. I want to be like that.





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